Arkansas singer/songwriters Justin Patterson and Laura Lynn Danley are Ten Penny Gypsy. Go to for details on their upcoming self -titled debut record! 

 "The music of Justin Patterson is the perfect fusion of Folk and Americana styles. The songs literally stay with the listener for days. His writing is passionate and honest, and each song transports the listener to a specific place and time, connecting Justin to his audience in a very unique way. Crowd favorites are "Road To Memphis" and "Highway 65", but my personal favorite is "Running Daylight Down"." 
Rena Wren, Songwriter/Promoter, Dragonfly Songwriter Showcase

  "I first met Justin when he was with the Woody Brothers. His songs "Somewhere In Florida", "The Motherlode", and "Sweet Emily" caught our attention, and I told my program director to play them on air. Our audience loved them and lit up our phone lines to tell us so."
Doug Goodrich, Station Manager, The Arrow 100.7 FM, Jacksonville, FL

 “Justin Patterson reminds me of what would happen if James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot had a love child! He writes insightful, heartfelt, and intelligent lyrics. His songs can be haunting one minute ("Somewhere In Florida"), and turn rockabilly ("Road To Memphis") the next. A refreshing voice and a talented writer.”
David Hughes, Promoter, Unknown Legends Artists

"The Motherlode" is another gem, a plaintive ballad that could have come straight from the pen of Jonathan Edwards."
Arvid Smith, Musicbox, Folio Weekly

 "Justin Patterson, Laura Lynn Danley, and Gene Reid are each accomplished songwriters and entertainers as stand-alone artists, but the combined talents of the three in concert really engages the listener. It is in the brilliant vocal arrangements that this group rises to the level of A-bracket performers. They know each others songs well, and are deeply satisfying to hear."
Charlie Crow, Regional Coodinator, Nashville Songwriters Association

  "I can't say enough good things about Justin Patterson and his music. You just have to feel it for yourself through his voice and the strings of his guitar."
Stephen Gimbert, G-Man Radio Network

   "Justin is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. His music speaks volumes about life, and he has the ability to share some pictures of it in his songs. It's always a pleasure working with him." 
Jerry Babbit, Promoter, The Front Porch Stage


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